Abortion: The Deliberate Termination of a Human Pregnancy Essay example

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What is Abortion? Abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. Or a more political way of describing abortion is, the intentional termination of a pregnancy after conception. Giving women the right to conscientiously put an end to their pregnancies, in essence, is allowing them to kill the undeveloped embryo (fetus), which makes it a very controversial subject in American politics. I disagree with abortion. I think that no matter when you terminate, it is still killing a possible life; a life that is not theirs to give. Pro-life advocates, as well as many scientists, feel life starts at conception. If this is the case, abortion is akin to murder, which is the act of taking a human life. In our country, the rights of all…show more content…
If the future mother thinks she is not old enough or can’t handle the new baby, then she has the option to give it up for adoption. In that situation, everyone wins. There are 1.5 million families wanting to adopt a child. So, there is no argument that abortion solves the problem of an “unwanted” child. Finally, an abortion can also result in medical conditions later in life and make it more likely to have a miscarriage in a woman’s subsequent “wanted” pregnancies. This becomes heartbreaking to women who have to live with the consequences of their youth. Whether you are for abortion or against it, there is one thing we all can agree upon; when a woman is pregnant there IS something in her in existence. If there wasn’t anything in the womb, there would be no point of the abortion. It is also fact, all humans come from that “something.” The controversial subject we cannot agree upon is when does that something become “us?” More importantly, when does this “something” actually become a human with civil rights under the constitution? I believe it is from the beginning. When the changes are being set in a women’s body, this is when a little human life is beginning to be created. Birth is only an environmental change. You take the baby out of the womb, “changing the environment.” Cutting the umbilical cord only changes the way the baby breathes. Many people have a strong
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