Abortion : The United States

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Rebecca Mejia Molly Gum Senior English 24 March, 2017 Research Paper : Abortion During the 7th century, the Catholic Church premeditated that the act of oral sex was a far more worse sin than getting an abortion. Roe V. Wade was the 1973 US Supreme court case that made abortion legal in the United States. Abortion should be the woman’s choice. The US supreme court has declared abortion to be a fundamental right that is guaranteed by the US Constitution. Reproductive rights also give women a sense of empowerment, as they are in control of their bodies. Concluding with these, death and injury rates to women have decreased a significant amount as now abortions are easier to obtain and the procedures are far more safer. During the…show more content…
The “rape” incident failed, as there was no police documentation made by McCorvey beforehand. The following year of 1970, Roe V. Wade had came to see an appeal because of the U.S. Supreme court. In the case of Griswold V. Connecticut, the Supreme court ruled out the right of privacy to couples (married, specifically). And it restricted that of trying to prohibit married couples from using any forms of birth control. This has had a major impact on Roe V. Wade because it is all about terminating pregnancies, and although forms of birth control are not always guaranteed, they do help limit those pregnancies from happening initially. The issue of abortion has always been very controversial. Most women conflict with their morals, when considering an abortion and in the fear of judgment (especially before Roe V. Wade) they would go about it illegally. The infamous coat hanger was a symbol of abortions prior to the ruling of Roe V. Wade. Women would un wrap a metal coat hanger and place it in their cervix in hopes of stabbing the fetus and thus performing their own abortions, however getting it back out was even more dangerous and they would end up causing internal bleeding from stabbing their own organs or other medical issues. For the better, since this those who have passed due to abortion-related situations have significantly decreased
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