Abortion: The silent scream of a modern holocaust

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Humankind is constantly in search of answers about life. Where we come from, the purpose for life, while history is written day by day, minute by minute, carrying joys and burdens and preparing human destiny for the lives to come. Susan Griffin writes, “What is buried in the past of one generation falls on to the next to claim” (Ways of Reading 379). History forges who we are and what we are, but each one of us contributes to create history. Quintessentially we are all like micro molecules forming the body of humanity. Can a molecule live by itself? To say it like Susan Griffin, can a human being live for and by itself being free of the fate of others? An unwritten law, given by an intelligent design keeps life alive, that of…show more content…
I’ve been listening to those that are prochoice, honestly trying to understand their motivations for supporting the practice of abortion. I am far from judging their opinions, I am trustful though that they will reflect on their belief through a shared value: the right to be as a human being, and for this reason they will consider revising scientific facts. They state that the fetus is not a human being, just a mass of tissue; that nobody has the right to impose their morals on others; that a woman should be able to control her own body. Moreover, they affirm that outlawing abortion would force women to use back-alley abortion clinics. They believe that aborting unwanted children reduces the number of abused children and that the overpopulated planet is going to benefit from this kind of “birth control.” We all agree that the right to life is the first of the human rights, for without it there are no other possible rights, such as the right to be treated as a person, to live free and to be treated equally. They apply to everyone and everywhere, they are universally accepted values. The heart of the abortion controversy beats in the midst of the question about when life does begin, when an embryo can be considered a human being, a person. Usually this is wrongly considered a matter of religious belief, although when life begins is a question for science. We need to look at the debate through a scientific examination of facts which, when clearly understood,

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