Abortion Vs Abortion

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The phrase ‘Planned Parenthood’ usually brings to mind ‘Abortion Clinic’ in the general population. Pro-life supporters, including the Roman Catholic Church, are adamantly against abortion. Throughout the state of Texas and the nation, different Planned Parenthood centers are being closed down leaving former clients without affordable service provider replacements. The federal and state government should take it upon themselves to provide some of Planned Parenthood’s former services, such as health screening and birth control, except for abortion. The essay below will distinguish Planned Parenthood from abortion, provide insight on abortion statistics, and explain the challenges of healthcare funding.
In a nation with optional human euthanasia made available to terminal patients allowed in some states, abortion remains forbidden within hospitals. Rape victims are offered ‘morning after’ pills to prevent egg implantation, which highly reduces the need for a rape victim waiting several weeks or months to have an abortion. In addition, (Silver & Kapadia, 1040). On the case of heinous abortion is the termination of a life for a group of cells, regardless of organ (heart and brain) development. There is no need for Planned Parenthood to exist for rape and incest victims. The Hyde Amendment, as it has for over 40 years, has allowed the use of federal dollars to fund elective abortions for rape and incest victims (Silver & Kapadia, 1040). It is important to note that not all rape

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