Abortion Vs Abortion

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In comparing and contrasting the three interviewees, I noticed that all three fumbled around and struggled with two extremely important questions. The questions of when life begins along with the rights of the fetus are two of the most controversial in the entire abortion debate, and are actually likely why the debate remains at a standstill. To begin, I’d like to address when life first begins. In general, there are several points where it is possible to identify the fetus as it’s own person. Some possibilities include the moment of conception, a few days after conception, when brain activity develops, when the fetus physically appears human-like, the point of viability (when the baby does not need to be connected to its mother to sustain life, prenatal or not), or even the actual birth of the child. Since there are so many options- more than I have listed- it is hard for people to narrow it down to a specific period of time. For our interviewees, this appeared to be the harder of the two questions- as it is for most people. Interviewee A, a former hospital Chaplain, said
“Before they see any brain activity, I don’t consider what is developing fully human life yet. So, a zygote is not human life. When the sperm and the egg fertilize is not human life. It is a form of life but it is not human life. Human life, to me involves brain activity and consciousness and so that doesn’t take place early on in pregnancy. And not until the brain stem develops a brain, do I consider
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