Abortion Vs Abortion

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In 1973, the court case Roe V. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court came to a final decision that women have an absolute right to obtain an abortion. Their conclusion was influenced by the fourth amendment, which ensures the right to privacy. The court's ruling claimed that abortion would be an extension to this amendment as it fell under the right to use contraception. Whereas contraception involves two individuals, abortion involves both mother and a developing human being. The act of aborting a developing fetus from the womb means ending the pregnancy and eliminating the fetus. Those who approve of abortion refer to themselves as pro-choice. They give little consideration to the growing fetus and would argue that women should have total control of their body. On the other hand, those who disapprove of abortion refer to themselves as pro-life. They set the life of the growing child in higher regards, and have less consideration of a mother's choice. In an attempt to analyze both sides of the abortion debate, this essay will explain two fundamental arguments that drive both pro-choice and pro-life positions. In the article, “Review of H. Kuhse & P. Singer: Should the Baby Live? The Problem of Handicapped Infants,” the author George Barbaresi argues that abortion is not just a mother’s choice, but an ethical decision if the fetus is found to have severe birth defects. To further justify his pro-life perspective, Barbaresi urges that a child with birth defects would impose high

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