Abortion : Where Have All The Criminals Gone?

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When it comes to sensitive topics, there are few that draw on people’s emotions as much as abortion. Why it this so? It is the nature of the topic. Abortion is a topic in which people’s views are just as diverse as the population itself. Most people avoid writing about such topics altogether, especially when they are in support of such an act. However when economist Steven D. Levitt and writer Stephen J Dubner wrote chapter 4 of “Freakonomics” titled “Where have all the Criminals Gone?” they did just that. The chapter details historical examples of bans on abortion, possible reasons for the sharp decline in crime in the US, and a strong final argument for why abortion is the reason the crime rate dropped so suddenly. The emotionally…show more content…
This “preview” to the overall bigger picture that the story is trying to tell demonstrates the power of abortion and the ripple effects that it can have. The authors utilize ethos, pathos, and logos in this example. The purpose of this portion of the chapter is to “preview” the main idea of the chapter, even if the reader does not know it yet. The author’s also use a historical example to help establish precedent and to help establish credibility for themselves – a prime example of ethos. The emotional appeal in this portion of the chapter is certainly present; one cannot help but feel for the parents and children living under the harsh conditions of Ceausecu’s regime. Whether or not the reader knows it at the time, this “preview” section is used to establish the main idea of the entire chapter in a unique way. The chapter goes on to overview the crime crisis happening the United States in the 1980s through the 1990s. After exploring possible causes of the problem and how bad everything has gotten, the authors go on to explore possible solutions to the crime epidemic. The solutions are quite varied, well thought out, and are supported with statistical facts. For example in talking about the effect of gun buyback programs and their effect on homicide: “Given the number of handguns in the United States and the number of homicides each year, the likelihood that a particular gun was used to kill someone that year in 1 in 10,000. The typical gun buyback program
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