Abortion : Where Have All The Criminals Gone?

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When it comes to sensitive topics, there are few that draw on people’s emotions as much as abortion. Why it this so? It is the nature of the topic. Abortion is a topic in which people’s views are just as diverse as the population itself. Most people avoid writing about such topics altogether, especially when they are in support of such an act. However when economist Steven D. Levitt and writer Stephen J Dubner wrote chapter 4 of “Freakonomics” titled “Where have all the Criminals Gone?” they did just that. The chapter details historical examples of bans on abortion, possible reasons for the sharp decline in crime in the US, and a strong final argument for why abortion is the reason the crime rate dropped so suddenly. The emotionally appealing statements and supporting factual evidence create a strong argument for women’s choice. The chapter begins with a description of Nicolae Ceausescu and his anti-abortion policies. The dictator Ceausecu came to power in the 1960s in Romania and had a grand vision, which included increasing the nation’s population. At the time, abortion had become common practice and was used practically as birth control, however once it became outlawed, poor, single mothers were forced to have their children – often when they did not want them or could not support them. The ban stayed in effect until Ceausecu lost his firm grip on Romania. His undoing was credited to the youth who probably would not have been born if it had not been for his…
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