Abortion: Why Do Women Get Abortions?

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Why do women get abortions? This question is very hard to answer but their maybe reasons behind this. Many women have their own reasons as to why they choose to get an abortion or if they choose not to. Even though abortion is legalized, their are many questions as to if they should still keep it legalized or make it illegal. Most women faced with this situation, tend to go against abortion. Many women believe that this is not the right thing to do and should go against it. (Frick) Research has stated that their has been a decrease in the amount of abortions, but it still shows a large amount annually. Their are several things that can be done to decrease abortion but it just needs the cooperation from everyone. The practice of…show more content…
(Frick) There are many side effects and harms to women who get abortions. Some of them are heavy bleeding, infection, incomplete abortion, sepsis, anesthesia, damage to the cervix, damage to the internal organs, and even death. Some bleeding after abortion is normal. However, if the cervix is torn or the uterus is punctured, there is a risk of severe bleeding known as hemorrhaging. When this happens, a blood transfusion may be required. In extreme cases, other physical complications from abortion including excessive bleeding, infection, organ damage from a perforated uterus, and adverse reactions to anesthesia may lead to death. (Almond) This complication is rare, but is real. I believe that that abortion should be illegal. Even though the amount of abortions has decreased throughout the years, their still needs to be things done about this issue. (Frick) Abortion is something women should not keep as an option when an action is taken by a woman that makes abortion an option. I believe that making abortion illegal will decrease the amount of abortions that will occur throughout the years.(Frick) Also the funding of abortions should decrease so that people do not get abortions. People need to realize their mistakes and understand the mistake they are making if they are choosing to have an abortion. (Frick) There is a story of someone I know who had been facing the same issue. She was pressured into getting an abortion because of what she was

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