Essay on Abortion: Women Should have a Choice

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The issue of abortion is a controversial one; there are arguments on both sides of the debate. In 1973 the national case of Roe v. Wade, sparked political decisions that created a national right to abortion. Further, "Roe v. Wade declared that unborn children are not `persons' nor are they entitled to the same constitutional protection as `born children'" (Baird, Rosenbaum, 2001). However, Roe v. Wade did not end the debate, nor, did it stop both sides for continuing the fight for their individual beliefs. On the one hand, pro-choicer's believe that woman are entitled to have abortions. Stating that an unborn child is under the rights of the pregnant women. On the other hand, pro-lifers believe that a woman should not have the right to…show more content…
Going further pro-choice advocates question what will become of these unwanted children, while also noting that these unwanted children will inevitably cause overpopulation, a series of abused unhappy children, and an increase in poverty. Further, pro-choice advocates state, an unborn child is not a full human and is simply a collection of undeveloped tissues. The notion of unborn children being simply a collection of undeveloped tissues is of great importance, as it is the foreground for much of the debate surrounding abortion. Form the pro-choice side one may conclude, "An embryo is a potential human being. It can be, granted the woman's choice, and develop into an infant. But what it actually is during the first trimester is a mass of relatively undifferentiated cells that exist as a part of a woman's body. If we consider what it is rather than what it might become, we must know that the embryo under three months is something far more primitive than a frog or a fish. To compare it to an infant is ludicrous" (Peikoff, 2003). Another major point coming for the pro-choice advocates is what would be the solution for women who have been raped, are carrying baby that are the products of incest, or have disabling diseases. Further, if abortion were found to be illegal then women would revert back to illegal abortions preformed by doctors with questionable ethics.

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