Abortion : Women 's Private Issues

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I. Introduction.
When it comes to contraception and the right to an abortion, one would think these are women’s private issues because pregnancy takes place in a woman’s body. It is an intensive process of holding another living creature in her system for nine months, which would mean that the woman would have to stop her other duties in order to take care of herself and this being. Her schooling, her job, and anything else in her life. As such, it is her choice whether she wants to, or even has the means to, become pregnant, terminate it, or make sure conception does not happen in the first place. The reasoning belongs solely to the woman and it depends on every individual circumstance. However, throughout history, these rights have been regulated. Not by women, whom it privately concerns, but by men and religious beliefs making their way through legislatures and organizations.
II. Types of Contraception.
There are a variety of options available, including but not limited to: oral contraception, such as birth control pills, non-hormonal contraception, such as a male condom, and emergency contraception, such as Plan B (Planned Parenthood, 2014). Oral contraception is available through prescription from a doctor and can generally be covered through insurance, though can get expensive if not covered. Condoms are readily available in drug stores for a low price and many clinics offer them for free to promote safe sex. Plan B and other brands of emergency contraception pills…
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