Essay on Abortion and Christianity

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Abortion is the voluntary act taken by a woman to terminate a pregnancy. It results in the death of a fetus or embryo. Pro-Choice groups advocate freedom of choice and often use scientific examples and facts to support their argument. The contrasting view to the Pro-Choices is that of the Pro-Life or ‘Right to life’ group. They believe that all life is sacred and to kill any form of human life is immoral. There is also a moderator between the two, they hold the view that only in certain cases is it acceptable, for example rape. The Pro-Choice group use a variety of arguments, many surrounding a woman’s right to decide. They also cite examples of where abortion may be a way to end suffering, for example rape and the reminder of a…show more content…
The effect that the illegalisation of abortions would have would be devastating. It would encourage inexperienced, deceitful back-alley abortionists to open up shop and simply take away the business of the professional operators. The contrary to the argument for pro-choice is that of the Pro-Life group. Many of them say that life is sacred and should not be terminated in any case. Many internet apologists take this stance. They would passionately argue that God will strike us down if we believe that abortion should be a choice. Especially in the United States, Christian groups join together and march to protest against the legalisation of abortion. Groups like this refer to the bible’s supposed ‘supreme guidance’ and believe that God is firmly against abortion in any case. They may cite specific biblical verses such as Exodus 21, 22 - 25. These verses say that if two men are fighting and they accidently punch a woman, resulting in the death of the unborn child, the penalty is death. However, most Christians simply disregard this as ‘symbolic’. Such disregarding of Gods words is without reason or defence, it is simply our own sinful minds challenging what God gave us for our own good. A true Christian could never pass this verse off as symbolic, it is a rule, a law, and just like the ten commandments (one of which says we should not
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