Abortion and the California Constitution Essay

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Through out the history of the constitution of california there has been a number of attempts to change how abortion in teens is handled. Proposition 4 intends to give the parents the right to know when their unmancipated teens want to get an abortion. some supporters of this proposition argue that it will save lives and money for the state. People against it say is more dangerous to teens because they could be driven to use not regulated clinics and or to run away from home. In this research paper we will go through both points of view, and also the implications of continuing with the current constitution or changing it as the proposition 4 dictates. this type of proposition is not new to the voters of california. In the past several…show more content…
It was until the case American Academy of pediatrics v. Lungren in 1997 that the supreme court dictated that the statute was in violation of the right to privacy provided in the article 1, section 1, of the constitution of california. The next effort to change the constitution would come in the form of ACA 38 (Leonard). In this proposition health provider will also be required to notify the parents of the teen when attempted to terminate a pregnancy. there was many other propositions that their main purpose was to change the constitution to notify the parents of their teens desire of early termination of pregnancy. SCA 17 (Leslie) of 1998 also had the same petition but it also failed. Proposition AB 2582 (Thompson) of 1998 was a paraphrased version of the AB 2274 that was overturned by the supreme court, this new version also wanted the parents to be notified before any procedure was performed on the juvenile, unless the life of the patient was threatened, then the abortion could be done. propositions ACA 5 (Wyman) and ACA 23 (Briggs) where introduced in 2001 as a revised and improved propositions to change the civil code section 34.5 but did not succeed as well. Believers that teen should not have this kind of freedom pushed for a new petition to change the constitution with the new introduction of Proposition 4. This version was based on a case where a teenager in texas had performed a an abortion and died

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