Abortion and the Symbolic Interaction Paradigm

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In this paper, we needed to discuss whether or not abortion contributes to the corruption of today’s society, using the symbolic interaction paradigm. We have come to the consensus, as a group, that abortion does contribute to the corruption of today’s society simply because it is such a heated issue and therefore people choose sides. When people choose sides, and are unable to look at a situation from another person’s point of view, there tends to be corruption. Symbolic interactionism is a theoretical perspective that people use definitions, meanings, symbols, interpretations, and human interactions to compare themselves to others (Henslin, 2010, p. 15). Herbert Blumer, whom attended University of Chicago with one of the founders of the…show more content…
Many people feel differently about the different types of abortion and there are laws regarding how far into pregnancy an abortion can be performed. The news and media cover the abortion debates frequently and often help to stir up some of the controversy. It was found by David Shaw, a write for the LA Times-Washington Post Service, that the media often favors pro-choice advocates over pro-life and “Columns of commentary favoring abortion rights outnumber those opposing abortion by a margin of 2 to 1 on the opinion/editorial pages of most of the nation’s major daily newspapers” (as cited in Wade, 1990). On Yahoo Answers, “Does the media influence teenagers to get pregnant and to have abortions?” was asked and one of the responders, Ashley, replied that “…it does encourage them to be sexy- which then leads to sex and pregnancy, and sometimes abortions. But the media is only partly to blame; the main problem is the attitude of today’s society (2009)”. It is easy to research and find distasteful images and photographs from pro-life sites. The ultimate goal is generally to convince a woman out of an abortion or to make people feel that abortion is murder. On the Maine Vitae site,
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