Abortion as an Ethical Issue Essay

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Abortion as an Ethical Issue

In recent years, abortion has become one of the world’s most discussed ethical issues. This has made a huge impact on both men and women’s lives. There are many different views on abortion dating back from the Old Testament to the present day. I intend to show you all of abortion’s conventional arguments. I hope to establish few of these views;

· The Christian views on abortion

· Views that support and oppose abortion

· My personal opinions on the subject of abortion

My coursework will include different factors to use in discussion including a definition of abortion, Biblical quotes and references, issues of rape and incest.

The following questions
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The decision to have an abortion is entirely up to the mother and the father cannot decide for or on behalf of her. The Abortion Act of 1967 stated that abortion could be carried out up till 28 weeks of the pregnancy but was amended by the Abortion Act of 1990. Abortion can be allowed if two doctors agree on the following circumstances;

· The woman may not be at a suitable age for having a child

· Her baby is likely to be born with serious disabilities

· She is pregnant as a result of rape or incest

· If the pregnancy will bring a risk to the mental and physical health of the mother

· The baby will bring great risks of permanent injury to the mother’s mental and physical health

· To save the life of the mother

Since the 1990’s, a pill called RU486 has been available for mothers on their first ten days of the pregnancy to induce an abortion. The most probable method of abortion is called dilation and curettage. General anaesthetic is provided to the pregnant mother while the gynaecologist opens (dilates) the cervix with instruments called dilators, and then inserts a hollow tube through the cervix. Suction is applied to remove the retained tissue in the uterus.

If the abortion is to be carried out on the 20th-24th week, 2 general anaesthetics with 2 nights will be supplied. Sometimes a peccary containing

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