Abortion in Thai Perspective

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Abortion In Thai Perspective By Nattapong Pienpitak ID : 213210116 ENG 103 Stamford University International College 9th December, 2014 Introduction Abortion or some says “miscarriage” has a long story and can be dated back to our ancient civilization such as China, Egypt, and Roman empires. There are several evidences to indicate that abortion is committed since ancient time. There are many ways to abort fetus inside mother’s stomach which are considered all inhumane, however, people still doing it till this very day. There are three main methods of abortion which people use around the world which are, medical abortion, surgical abortion, and other methods. However, the information in this essay…show more content…
There is also a belief that parents have no right to kill their babies because the babies have no way to choose whether to live or die. However, in some situations, abortion is considered acceptable in Thailand. For example, in case of people who get abortion are victims of crimes such as rape, they can do abortion. Mothers have no sins because they are not the crime that they are committed. However, killing other lives without their permission is still unacceptable in Thailand. As cited by Fiano (2014), if there are young people who are not ready to have baby, they should abort because they cannot take care their child after they birthed them, and it leads to social problem. Another example is that if these unborn children will born with a disease such as AIDS and HIV, they will suffer, and it is not different from killing them. Nevertheless, according to Mgr Francis Xavier Kirengsak Kovithavanij, abortion is not the right way to solve the problem, but they should think about adverse effects of their action. Also, people should respect for new lives, and couples should have responsibility to sacrifice and not be self-centered. Another perspective of Thai people is related to law. In Thailand, there are not many legal to support abortion, so this is reason why the number of illegal abortion has continually increased. The case to abort legally is that women are raped, or they are too weak to pregnant due to their health (Allen, n.d.). According to Kowitwanij (2011), if
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