Abortion is Immoral Essay

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Abortion is Immoral

" If you wish to uphold basic human justice, you must do so for everyone- not just selectively for the people that your side, your culture, your nation designates as OK." Edward Said

The basic beliefs of Pro-life defendants

Human rights for human beings: Pro-lifers believe that human beings have right since they are alive. Medical research proves that the fetus is a living organism from the moment of conception (Gargaro). During conception, a sperm with 23 chromosomes joins an egg with 23 chromosomes, forming a 46-chromosome cell with all the genetic code (DNA) for a distinct human being. Without sperms or eggs, it would be impossible for the human population to reproduce. Whatever is human,
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Wouldn't it be a crime to let babies die because we do not feed them?

No conflict with women's rights Pro-lifers believe that the obligation for support includes the obligation to allow the child the use of the mother's body for the nine months of pregnancy, expect when continuing pregnancy threatens the mother's life (Roth). Parents are responsible for the well being of their children, by virtue of having created the child needs in the first place. Two people engaged voluntarily in an action that they knew beforehand could result in reproduction. The fact that pregnancy is only experienced by women does not negate the obligation of providing the child the use of the mother's body for nine months.

Religious Beliefs The Bible teaches the respect of human life, and the disgust of abortion since the moment of conception. Some claim that the Bible does not clearly state that it condemns abortion. These people usually do not believe the Bible to be authoritative. Almost everyone who believes the Bible is authoritative knows that the Bible is the word of God and that it prohibits abortion after conception.

Unplanned pregnancies and child abuse There is no correlation between unplanned pregnancies and child abuse. A study of 674 beaten children in California found that 91% of the children were wanted, compared to the 63% of the control groups nationally. (Lenowski) A study by the National Center on Child Abuse and
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