Abortion is Never Justified Essay

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Abortion is Never Justified

I am examining the question ‘Abortion is never justified’ from a
Christian perspective and will explain my view on abortion. The bible
has many quotes directly relating to the foetus within the womb. The
main argument is trying to discover at what point life begins when
finding this out it is easier to decide whether abortion is right or
wrong. Though the question on when life starts is hard to find out as
people have their own point of view. Using the Bible and the Churches
view I will try and work out when life starts and whether abortion is
never justified.

The Bible teaches that life begins even before the baby is
formed or even conceived. The passage from Jeremiah
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Days 1 - 4 An opaque bubble, the fused egg and sperm divides and
multiples as it journeys along the fallopian tube to the womb.

Week 1 The tiny new organism passes into the womb.

Week 4 The embryo has the basis of a heart, brain and nervous system.

Week 6 Head, arms and legs, as well as a digestive system, develop.

Week 8 Brain, nervous system and muscles become active.

Week 10 Eyes start to form. Webbed fingers and toes emerge.

Week 12 Gender is evident. As muscles develop, movement increases.

Week 16 With a spurt of growth, the baby becomes more energetic.

Week 18 Fine down covers the body, and bone begins to replace

Week 20 Hair starts to grow on the head.

Week 24 The baby may suck its thumb and hiccups.

The above shows what happens up to 24 weeks from conception. At any
time up to 24weeks a women can have an abortion. Looking at the
development of the embryo when does it become a human? When do
distinct and characteristic human parts such as a head actually
emerge? At four weeks when the baby has the basis of a heart, brain
and nervous system is it possible to say that the baby’s life has

When the baby is still in the womb nobody can tell what it’s going to
grow up to be. Women who abort a child because it has disabilities or
is not…

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