Abortion is Wrong Essay

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I have always been convinced that abortion should be illegal. I have always been taught to consider that when a fetus (a baby developing inside the stomach) is growing it has feelings, emotions, and physical processes that make him or her alive just like people who have been born. To have an abortion is to kill someone; it is murder. Often, the aftermath of abortion is devastating with guilt, shame, and even death. Since every action has a consequence, I think we should act in righteousness. Abortion is wrong because it endangers a person’s health, creates negative psychological effects, contradicts my convictions, and goes against the Bible. The first major reason why I am against abortion is that it has too many heath risks involved. …show more content…
If blood transfusions go wrong, a risk of viral hepatitis can occur and cause death. With these two dangers, I considered that abortion can have devastating results that can lead to death. Another result of abortion is negative psychological consequences. I also believe abortion causes regret. Anne Baker, a counselor at Hope Clinic in Granite City, Illinois, stated that whenever she counseled a woman who went through an abortion they often felt guilty because they did not consider the consequences often; they felt a in their life (Welch). Another instance was where Mrs. Mestraud, went through an abortion and she said, “I feel like a murderer,…” After the abortion Mestraud said that she couldn’t talk to anyone. It is evident from these instances that abortions can cause people to feel remorse for their actions. The other reason I am against abortion is that it‘s illogical and immoral. I believe that abortions occur because of irresponsibility of people. Since I live in a place that has an abundance of people committing fornication and having unsafe sex, a lot of people get pregnant and don’t want to take responsibility for what they have done. Instead of abortion occurring, birth should take place and either the biological parents or the adoptive parents should take care of the baby. This way a woman can avoid taking the of a life of an innocent unborn. I think that life starts when the baby is developing in the womb or it would not develop

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