Abortion is a Sin Essay

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Abortion is one of the most controversial social issues in today’s society. Over forty two million abortions are performed each year on legal and illegal grounds and one-hundred and fifteen thousand daily around the world. Abortion throughout human history has been practiced in every culture on earth. In primitive societies abortion was carried out by using sharp sticks or putting sheer pressure on women’s torsos. The result of which was vaginal bleeding. The greatest cultures which this world had fostered long before us also had their own methods of abortions. In fact, techniques for terminating pregnancies are printed in mankind’s longest surviving medical texts.
The practice of abortion is frowned upon in today’s society since it
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In the 13th Century Pope Innocent III (1198-1216 AD) stated that “the time when a woman first feels the fetus move within her— was the moment at which abortion became homicide” most critics of abortion do in fact feel that the moment of animation that abortion is in fact a sinful because that is when the fetus begins to show signs of life. Subsequent to his reign Pope Gregory XIV (1535-1591 AD) declared that after a period of 116 days (which is about 17 weeks) abortion was not rounds for excommunication. This policy held out until 1869.
The Bible still discusses abortion as a crime, it states that “whoever sheds the blood of man, by men shall his blood be she; for in the image of God has God made man,” (Genesis 9:6) This passage does not directly address abortion however it does say that shedding the blood of man is a sin against the Lord and abortion is killing a living being without giving it a chance to live.
Reverend John C. Reiss, from The Catholic Bishops of New Jersey states, "The call to defend the poor and the helpless is the most basic duty of Christians. If the life of a child in his mother's womb is threatened, no one is safe. Our faith calls us to witness this truth by our action - All human life is sacred!" The Lord calls us to defend all that is sacred and defend the helpless, the Holy Bible says rather similarly, “Defend

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