Abortion on Other Lavel

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Sharon Stedman case study Since begging us humans are looking for the answer about life and when and where it starts? This leads us to very controversial issue about beginning of life. Some argue that life began at the time of conception and some says birth or later. This leads us to another subject, abortion, which is also very controversial matter. In today’s word, abortion is taking place everywhere. Many of us claim that abortion is murder. Majority agrees with a fact that life start when an egg and sperm meets and fertilization starts. Since fetus have their own genetic code, it is a new life. With that said fetus is another being and have its own rights. In Sharon Stedman case it is morally and ethical wrong for her to do…show more content…
6). That clarifies that even if the women encounter rape, financial hardship to raise the baby, or any other obstacles, she cannot abort the baby because it is not moral action. I agree that it is Mrs. Stedman’s fundamental right and personal choice to keep her baby or abort it. One can also argue that it is her own body and also keeping her pregnancy can affect her partnership with Van Patten, but that is not the only one factor we need to consider. In this case study we also need to look for rights of fetuses too. Fetus is a growing baby and to kill a growing baby is consider murder, because fetus begin berating on its own without mother’s support. On one hand one can claim that Mrs. Stedman’s have rights not to stay pregnant. On other hand unborn baby also have right not to be killed. This can arise a question that which right is fundamental. I think that there is no other right that can the right to life. In this case study we are talking about rights of two people stand in opposition to each other. In reality the law even protect the more fundamental right, which in this case is the right of fetus, and abortion will take away its more fundamental rights of innocent human being. Another right, which is not clear in case study is her husband’s right. In this type of abortion case we always concentrate on mother’s right and or rights of unborn baby and ignore the fact that father is also part of this game. In Mrs. Stedman’s

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