Abortions Should Not Be Made On Immoral Actions

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[1] Our world has an immense collection of advanced technologies, but it is a shame that many use it for immoral actions. Such technology has given mankind the power to ‘produce’ desired children from a cellular level, but at the same time offer families the freedom to abort the unwanted. In his article, Rajendra Kale (2012) argues that healthcare professionals should not inform parents the sex of the unborn until 30 weeks of pregnancy to avoid termination. In another article, Margaret Little (2005) reasons that abortions are merely the demise of fetuses, and not the violation of rights to live. Although the two present themselves in different ways, it can be assumed that Little would ultimately support Kale’s assessments. Perhaps the strongest arguments that Kale provides for this claim is the fact that abortions should not be made on unjustified reasons and his policies would cease women from pregnancy trauma. I will partly agree with Little’s statements since she reasons that a woman should not have the obligation to give birth, and the fact that she should not take responsibility of an unwanted child. Furthermore, I would also like to speak support for Kale’s arguments since his policies protect women from social pressures as well as prevent an imbalance in the sex ratio.

[2] Little would support Kale that gender role should not play a role for abortions. Opposition might claim that abortion is morally wrong, but it should not be regarded. Little argues that…
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