Abortions Should be Covered by Insurance Essay

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A person wrote a letter to the editor in “The News-Sentinel”, saying that insurance should cover women who want to go out and have babies. On the other hand, this person wants women who want to have an abortion to come up with the money themselves and that the government or insurance should not cover abortions (“The Rant,” 2009). Many believe that some women use abortions as a form of birth control. For women who find themselves in that situation, the expense for those types of abortions should be paid for by those women. However, in certain cases such as incest, rape, genetics, failed birth control and endangerment to the life of the expectant mother. Those situations should be covered by insurance. Rape is a horrible situation to …show more content…
A responsible woman takes birth control to ensure that she doesn’t get pregnant. What if the birth control methods that she uses fail? The pill fails, the condom fails, the cap fails, or the IUD fails. Fact is, contraceptive failure led to 1.6 to 2 million of the 3.3 million unwanted pregnancies in the United States in 1987 (Lunneborg, 2009). Many woman thought they were being responsible by using birth control. When pregnancy occurs through no fault of the woman abortion should be covered by insurance. When someone finds out from the family doctor that they have a life-threatening illness wouldn’t that person expect insurance to cover expenses that correspond with the treatment or curing of said illness? What if the pregnancy was causing the illness? In another case, A woman finds out that she is expecting. She is later diagnosed with a life-threatening illness or disease that requires an abortion for her survival? Insurance coverage for that type of abortion is appropriate. An expectant mother goes to her obstetrician for her monthly exam. The doctor confirms a concern the he or she has from the previous exam and orders an amniocentesis. An amniocentesis is performed by removing amniotic fluid, with a long needle, from the placenta to be used for genetic testing. Results from the “amnio” revealed a mutant gene for cystic fibrosis is carried by the fetus. Abortion was a recommended option

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