About 2,000,000 People Still Die Each Year From Water,

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About 2,000,000 people still die each year from water, sanitation, and hygiene-related causes all because we do not realize its value. June Johnson wrote Chapter 5, “Protecting the Environment: Water Issues and Competing Energy Technologies” in her book Global Issues, Local Arguments to inform people about the water issues around the world, climate change, and how we should focus on protecting the environment instead of damaging it for money. In Chapter 5, Johnson introduced Sandra Postel and Dave Cole. Sandra Postel wrote “Water for Life” with the motive to argue against the lack of ethics for how water should be used. Dave Cole’s wrote “Stop the Keystone XL” to expose how the construction of the pipeline can harm our environment and…show more content…
Johnson wanted to open our eyes, so that we can see that we are taking water for granted, since we use it every day and it has not run out for us, we do not comprehend that maybe others are not running with the same luck as we are. On the other hand, President Trump wants to review “Waters of the U.S.” to make business work more efficiently without wasting time and money trying to follow all the regulations (Trump 3). He wants businesses to be able to provide more jobs and the only way he sees that happening is by reviewing the law and making it easier for corporations to get things done more efficiently. The two YouTube videos, “Fracking Hell: The Untold” and “The Last Mountain” both show what Johnson was talking about, how we take what we have for granted. It seems like corporations don’t understand that they drink/need water too that they cannot try to follow regulations to avoid polluting the water and air. For this reason, Postel argues the current dominant view of water management because she truly believes that if people had a guideline of how we should preserve our water for all living creatures to survive, as she stated, “As societies wrap their collective minds around the consequences of global environmental change-rising temperatures, prolonged droughts, chronic water shortages, disappearing species-it may well be that a new ethic will emerge, one that says it is not only right and

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