About Cathay Pacific

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Cathay Pacific Cathay Pacific is the flag carrier in Hong Kong, meaning virtually that it receives certain support from the government in order to complete its domestic, but especially international flights (Vayama, 2012). The organization retrieves most of its revenues through the provision of flight services, but a small portion of the business income is also generated by maintenance, catering and other services. Cathay Pacific provides flights to over 120 destinations, with the aid of its 130 fleet. Additionally, within the international market place, Cathay has developed several successful strategic partnerships. With the aid of these partnerships, the company is able to provide its customers with flight services to destinations they do not run. The Hong Kong based firm has as such developed partnerships with some of the most prestigious carriers on the globe, such as American Airlines, British Airways and Japan Airlines (Hoovers, 2012). At the level of the corporate and strategic business unit, these are reflected by the operations developed by the firm. As it has been mentioned before, there are four segments of operations which generate profits at Cathay Pacific, namely: Flight services Maintenance Catering, and Other services. The flight carrier business unit is the most profitable of all four segments, generating almost the entire profit for Cathay Pacific Airways Limited. The maintenance, catering and other services are complementary business units,
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