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About Elly, originally called Darbareye Elly is a winner of the Silver Bear at the 2009 Berlin Film Festival, is a 2009 Iranian film by Asghar Farhadi, a globally, critically venerated Iranian film director and screenwriter. Just one year after its release About Elly was voted the 4th greatest Iranian movie of all time by the national society of Iranian critics. What makes this film distinct from many is that the viewer is exposed to the alluringly multifaceted societal subtleties of people during trauma and how situations are handled. To be precise, this film has things to propose about some of the gradations of Iranian culture under these traumatic circumstances.
The film starts off with an Iranian family in Tehran going a holiday to the Caspian seaside, where things are much calmer than the urban precincts of Tehran. Farhadi is emphasizing primarily on the Tehrani upper-middle-class – refined, erudite, pleasure-seeking, only slightly religious hence allowing viewers to see Iranians through a different
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It struck me, the similarities between Elly and Shérazade who is a seventeen-year-old runaway, what she is running from, however, is an issue prime for discussion. I believe Shérazade is not merely running in search of herself and her amalgam uniqueness as part French, part Algerian but she is running from physical, and emotional confinement; by constantly moving, Shérazade is the anti-odalisque. Neither inert nor intent, Shérazade is a survivor who takes power of her vocation, and above all, her body. For many, predominantly the members of her family, Shérazade’s sudden disappearance is a complete mystery. Two very distinct characters with nothing conjoint but their abrupt disappearances and the impact they left in both of their individual stories even though they weren’t necessarily there, their manifestation is still felt and the plot revolves around them regardless of their
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