About Food Production

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Unit: 1
Production Department – Kitchen

Kitchen Planning and Design
Kitchen Organization
Different Section within Food Production Department
 Hot Section,
 Indian Kitchen
 Bakery Section
 Pantry or Cold Section
 Butchery
 Vegetable section
 Staff Cafeteria
 Banquet Kitchen

Use of General and Specialized Equipment
Hygiene and Sanitation
 Kitchen Hygiene
 Personal Hygiene

Kitchen Safety
 To prevent cuts
 To prevent burns

Portion Control
Waste Management
Analysis Section
 Inter Departmental Relationship
 Standard of Cleanliness and Hygiene
 Personal Grooming
 Discipline and Moral
 Wastage and Economy Measure

The kitchen is a place where food is prepared.
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It must be easy to receive commodities from the suppliers, throw out garbage, water supply, cleaning etc.

• Hygiene and sanitation: The kitchen should have proper ventilation, lighting, safe flooring, proper drainage system etc.

• Storage facility: A well planned kitchen should have proper storing facility. Some raw material ready to cook should be stored and some cooked food also needs to be stored separately.

• Safety and security: It must be given top priority while planning a kitchen as it contains highly inflammable items. Kitchen area contains expensive equipment and materials it should be protected from outsiders and from pests.

• Management: The kitchen should be easy to manage, supervise and control.

• Safety: It must be given top priority while planning a kitchen as space lots money. The unnecessary space is difficult to clean and manage and can be accident pron.

• Sufficient lighting: Both natural and artificial lights should be sufficient. Consider the natural light is more hygienic and artificial light cost money so maximum use of natural light is more preferred.

• Water supply: There must be adequate water supply all the time. The drainage system must be properly managed.

• Proper allocation of space: In a logical manner is crucial as space costs money. The unnecessary space is difficult to
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