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Georgia was admitted as a state in 1788 and was one of the Confederate States of America. It was once primarily a farm state, producing large amounts of cotton, but has since become a major manufacturing and service industry state. Georgia is named for George II of England. It is bordered by Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, North Carolina, and Florida. The population of the state is estimated at about 8,186,453. Caucasian people make up about 71% of Georgia's population, while African-Americans account for about 27%. The rest is mostly Chinese, Koreans, Hispanics, and American Indians. About 63% of Georgia's people live in urban areas, such as Atlanta, Columbus, Savannah, and Macon. It is the 10th largest state by population. The…show more content…
The mountains usually have a cooler temperature, around 74° Fahrenheit in the summer months. The amount of rain and precipitation varies every year, sometimes with long droughts. The Coastal Plain and Piedmont receive between 46 and 52 in of precipitation a year, while the mountains receive between 56 and 76 in. Georgia's government is composed of a governor and a lieutenant governor, each elected separately. The governor is elected for a four-year term and cannot serve more than two consecutive terms. His name is Sonny Purdue. The lieutenant governor, secretary of state, attorney general, comptroller general, treasurer, commissioner of agriculture, commissioner of labor, and state superintendent of schools are all elected to four-year terms as well. The state legislature, called the General Assembly, has a 56-member Senate and a 180-member House of Representatives. All members are elected for two-year terms and meet at the state house in Atlanta. Georgia's 159 counties are mostly governed by boards of elected commissioners. Most places have a mayor, a type of council, and a city manager. Some of Georgia's professional sports team includes the Atlanta Braves (baseball), Atlanta Hawks (basketball), and the Atlanta Falcons (football). The 1996 Summer Olympic Games were held in Atlanta. The Atlanta Braves now play in the new Olympic Stadium, where many Olympic events occurred. Endangered animals in
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