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ABOUT LAN SAMANTHA CHANG Lan Samantha Chang 's fiction has appeared in the Atlantic Monthly, Story, and The Best American Short Stories. A graduate of Yale University and the University of Iowa, she divides her time between Northern California and Princeton, New Jersey. AN INTERVIEW WITH LAN SAMANTHA CHANG Many of the families in Hunger have attempted to sever themselves from the past in order to build a future. Was this how your parents coped with starting over in America? What parts of Chinese culture did they celebrate? My parents ' disconnection from China was never as deliberate or extreme as Ming and Sansan 's disconnection in "The Unforgetting." My mother and father spoke Chinese and ate Chinese food; they were proud of their…show more content…
Were the same forces present in your own family? How were these conflicts resolved? Well, we 're a passionate family (my mother says it 's my father 's blood) and I remember some serious household arguments going on when I was a child. Most of the fights took place between my father and my two older sisters. My sisters were fighting for permission to do things that typical American teenagers do: to join the soccer team, sleep over at friends ' houses, go on dates. My sisters didn 't get everything they wanted. For example, my parents decided they would be allowed to go to movies with boys, but only matinees. My parents believed that going to movies at night might encourage bad behavior. I could never understand this; aren 't movie theaters as dark in the afternoon as they are at night? Anyway, I can now also see that the fights were really about my sisters ' desires to be individuals, to act in the world and be responsible for themselves. My parents had not grown up with role models for such independent young women. The conflict was inevitable and necessary; it was part of our family 's gradual movement into American culture. Will you discuss how and why you decided to become a writer? I have wanted to be a writer since before I could read. As a child, I copied picture books out onto sheets of paper, with the illustrations and all of the letters, before I could even put

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