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Myer Holdings Limited Introduction As stated by Weller (2007) Australia's textile industry has seen a steady growth from 1970s to date, which makes it one of the major contributors to the economic development of the nation and a greater source of employment opportunity. The industry is unique from other markets around the world specifically from European and U.S. markets. This unique arrangement of the Australian space economy frequently contributes to several barriers for many clothing firms which has intention to establish in Australia. However, Australia's population within most urban centers is very less density which creates a lot of obstacles for any firm investing in Australia to make a nationwide market. Additionally, most of the clothing industries operating in Australia, one or two companies are specialized in the production of a lot of products which are normally sold at the national level, again a good number of smaller clothing companies work in local, in cities or within the state territories. The diversity of the market looks more fruitful for companies to serve in a specialized niche market and to build a number of semi-monopolistic market spaces. Clothing market and some of the similar industries in Australia are always determined by the climatic condition and people's lifestyle. This decides how the people spend on clothing and the kind of clothes which normally being bought, for example clothes such as sports wear and casual wear. It's however,
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