About Over Two Thirds Of Earth’S Surface Are Covered By

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About over two thirds of Earth’s surface are covered by water and less than a third of that is taken up by land. As we continue to whiteness Earth’s population grow, individuals are increasing pressure on the planet’s water resources. However; this intensifying change comes from water pollution. Water pollution is when toxic chemicals enter water bodies such as, rivers, lakes, and oceans these chemicals are getting dissolved within the water bodies. This degenerates the quality of water that the Earth is receiving. According to Abdul Azeem, “Water pollution is a major problem in the global context. It has been suggested that it is the leading worldwide cause of deaths and diseases and that it accounts for the deaths of more than 14,000…show more content…
The data that they redeem from the water is being stored into the computer, and from there the computer is generating if the water has any known contaminates. Now that we are aware of how water pollution is detected, the real question is what causes it? Water pollution is caused by numerous of things, but the most popular causes are pesticides, mining, and sewage. Pesticides are strong chemicals that are commonly used around households and garden areas. However; pesticides are contaminated chemicals that are constantly affecting our rivers, lakes, and oceans; these chemicals are not only putting our ecosystems in danger, but the quality of our drinking water as well. For example, pesticides have a level of toxicity, which differ from humans and animals. As stated by Abdul Azeem, pesticides that get applied to farm fields and roadsides and homeowners ' lawns run off into local streams and rivers or drain down into groundwater, contaminating the fresh water that fish swim in and the water we humans drink. Also, homeowners tend to apply even more chemicals to their lawns than farmers do to their fields.” Still, farming is a big contributor to this problem, yet pesticides are threats to the environment; it is slowly ruining agricultural land by damaging beneficial insect species, soil, and microorganisms. In fact, many individuals aren’t knowledgeable how far pesticides travel a great distance to affect our water systems, communities, and

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