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[pic] What is it? Why use it? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of Twitter? Twitter is an online application that cannot be defined as one single tool. As such, this application is part a blog, part a social networking site and part cell phone/IM tool, designed to let users answer the question: “What are you doing?”. Users have 140 characters for each posting (or “tweet”) to say whatever they care to say. Many tweets do answer the question of what the user is doing, but plenty of others are responses to other tweets, pointers to online resources that the user found interesting, musings, or questions. Basically, Twitter is about conversation. Although, it is possible to have a conversation on blogs, on Facebook and on…show more content…
It 's not uncommon to have trouble connecting to Twitter 's site; • There is little sophistication to the presentation. You can only have one photo attached to your profile at a time, and little detailed information about yourself. It 's not a great way for people to get to know you, unless you are very good at expressing yourself in 140 characters or less. • Without the advantage of selectively specifying your target audience, your message is in danger of being diluted among the masses. Chances are that most of the people who follow you on Twitter aren 't really paying attention to what you have to say. • Is has no groups, videos, blogs, classified ads, forums, marketplace and other unique and popular social networking menus; • Because Twitter can be anonymous and it is allowed the user to choose any available user name he would like. You may not have any idea who is really following you. • It can be automated and, consequently, you can 't count on the timely integrity of other tweeters ' information either. As far as you know, a robot wrote their tweet in order to active Twitter someone’ presence with very little effort. Twitter in Hospitality Industry Although these limitations and as it was already mentioned, Twitter is now a powerful social marketing tool and the hospitality business, like any other industry of services, cannot ignore this fact. As such, there are innumerous ideas that can be used toward the hospitality companies and
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