About the Cloud Virtualization Vendor Wyse and Its Pocketcloud App

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Cloud virtualization vendor Wyse and its PocketCloud app were released back in 2009 to be used with the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch along with the new iPad (Wyse.com, 2012). This application allows corporate and business users to access their workstation Pcs or office from virtually anywhere. Information Technology analyst and their administrators can also take advantage of this app, allowing them the ability to access end-user clients directly through Apple wireless devices (Burt, 2010). Though the Apple iPad was targeted primarily for the consumer, it is being ramped up to a more stable environment, the IT enterprise or corporate market. Value Cloud Virtualization Offers Wyse is making its PocketCloud Application available through the iPad App store, which puts it at the forefront of Apple iPad owners (iTunes.Apple.com, 2012). This means accessibility to over 80% of corporate users (Burt, 2010). Wyse has changed its market position by moving into the big leagues as a major contender software firm to produce enterprise wise accessibility. The company is focused on producing software for the IT enterprise client. The plan is to be come a industry competitor in the cloud virtualization market. To do this the firm has decided to produce applications that meet the most popular Apple devices thereby gaining the advantage of being among the first to market. Competitors include Citrix, Microsoft, and Vmware according to the top executive at WYSE, Maner (Burt, 2010).

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