Above the Law Essay

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Above the Law: An Executive’s Double Standard – Fraudulent Use of Corporate Funds
Traditionally, the positive image of a company or a brand is very important in the contemporary world. As a result, the question of morality of each individual working within an organization is of a paramount importance. In such a situation there should be no exceptions from the rule and executives could not be in a privileged position. This is the desirable ideal many companies strive to achieve at least in a public eye. However, the reality turns to be quite different from what is expected and the analyzed case of an executive’s double standard is just another evidence of the fact that the real life is so complicated that the common rules, including moral
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Remarkably, the former get started some actions only when he gets this information.
As for the further actions of the corporation administration, notably president, it is quite logical that a thorough investigation was needed since it was really difficult to undertake essential steps in relation to the veteran who had worked for the corporation for thirty years. On the other hand, the involvement of a large number of people in the investigation and decision making process concerning Troy’s fate is also quite reasonable since it his punishment and the very fact of investigation may be a serious warning for other executives who might be involved in similar frauds. Also, less attention could hardly be paid to the person occupying such an important position in the company.
Nonetheless, it is also should be said that the high position of Troy Sozuko was obviously one of the man causes for Jack’s uncertainty that increased dramatically when, at first, Matt Thompson turned to be unwilling to initiate a thorough investigation.
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