Abr Rahman Khan Research Paper

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Abdur Rahman Khan reigned as the Amir of Afghanistan from 1880 to 1901. Khan was

widely known as the “ Iron Amir” for his imperialistic campaigns to bring together dispersed tribes to form together the modern state known as Afghanistan. During this modernization period to pull together a country, Khan abolished many of the harsh tribal customs against women. Khan abolished the policy of women being forced to marry the first brother of her husband if he is to become deceased. Khan also raised the age at which a woman was allowed to be married and gave women the right to divorce their husband. Women also obtained the right to inherit property during Khan’s rule.

During the time period of 1901 to 1919 Afghanistan was ruled by Habidullah Khan. Khan, the son of Abdur Rahman Khan, ascended to the throne
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During his reign Khan’s goal was to modernize Afghanistan and to do so he believed he had to expand the rights of women. In 1919, Khan passed the right to vote along to women. Soraya Tarzi proved to be an imminent and revolutionary woman for her strides to obtain gender equality. In 1921, Tarzi opened the first all girls school in the country’s history in Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul and established the first women’s hospital. Also in 1921, Tarzi also published a magazine called Ershad-E-Niswan or Guidance for Women. In 1921 the royal couple, together, introduced the Family Code Law.This law banished child marriage and forced males to gain judicial permission to practice polygamy. In 1924, women gained rights to choose their spouse. Also during Khan’s reign a Western European dress code was implemented and women could freely dress themselves in whatever they chose to wear. Yet, Khan’s kind policies towards women caused social unrest and in 1929 angered Tribal leaders forced Khan to flee the
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