Abraham: A Leader to Lean From

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Responsible is a popular quality which has been used to qualify someone in many area of life. A teacher will rather choose a stupid boy but very responsible student to become a proctor than the smart one but, very irresponsible. An employer will promote someone who is responsible to be required as overseer over the one who had many degree but lazy. A responsible father will take care of his family well, a responsible student will do his assignments diligently, and a responsible servant will do his duties and finish whatever it take.
Become a responsible man is not an easy task. Sometimes, a responsibility will come because our own mistake, sometimes it’s a consequence of what we have done, sometimes it just appeared because who we are. Whatever it is, we must take our responsibility of all of these.
As believer, we often called ourselves as a servant of God. But, the question is how much we care about the duties that had given to us. It is true saying that, great man comes with great responsibility. As an adult, we have greater responsibility than younger one. As a CEO we have a greater responsibility than an employee. As a leader and a pastor, we have greater responsibility than an ordinary congregation to God.
Today, we will learn from one servant three things from the servant of Abraham, how we must be responsible to do our duties.
As we read, And Abraham was old, and well stricken in age: and the LORD had blessed Abraham in all things. And Abraham
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