Abraham And Exodus Research Paper

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In the book of Genesis and Exodus, we find many similarities between Abraham and Moses. Their relationship to God can be compared since they share the same faith, obligation to comply to their God are, both chosen by God and grow to be the most devoted servants of god regardless of their doubt and challenges.
When it comes to comparing Abraham and Moses their faith towards God is their greatest similarity. Abraham and Moses prove their faith to God by following his commands. In fact, when Abraham and Moses are complying to Gods wishes they have a similar journey. God reaches out to both of them and not only does God talk to them and ask them to travel to a different land to reach the promised land for the Israelites; but he also reveals himself
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This is the first appearance in the bible that insinuates that God reveals himself in a human form and because it does not happen until the middle of Genesis, we can speculate that God who calls himself “El Shaddai” meaning God Almighty does not appear very often to humans.
In the book of exodus, similarly to Abraham, Moses is commanded by God to wander off and find the land God has given the Israelites; however, his first task is to free the Israelites from the Pharaoh of Egypt and then lead the Israelites to that land. Moses journey was not easy nor expeditious. Moses did not only have to travel 40 years to follow God’s commands, but he also had to deal with the Rebellious Israelites who had no faith in Moses and were losing faith in God. Despite everything Moses had to go through, he continued to follow God’s commands because he didn’t lose faith in God. If Moses would have lost faith in God just like the Israelites did Moses would not have been infuriated with the Israelites for praising another God. Even after God tells Moses he will not see the promised land because he offended him by giving water to the Israelites, although God was the one that ordered him to do so, Moses still continued to follow God’s commands and demonstrate his faithfulness to
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The change Moses goes through such as having to wear a veil to cover his radiant skin happens after God reveals his face to Moses which emphasizes the importance and peculiarity of God disclosing his physical appearance. Although God had spoken to Moses before, Moses never saw his face and it wasn’t until God exposed himself that Moses had to wear a veil and hide his radiant skin. This shows the importance of God’s appearance because Moses had spoken to another important figure such as the Pharaoh and yet he wasn’t distinguished or differentiated, which proves God is Almighty and the most important figure.
Regardless of the undeniable strong faith both Abraham and Moses have towards God, they often doubt him and influenced God’s Decisions. It is easy to regard Abraham and Moses as blind followers of God, followers who completely trust and agree with God; because they always end up complying with God’s commands. Nevertheless, they speak up against God’s plans without always believing God will do as he
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