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Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln presidential outline I. Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 and died on April 15, 1865 II. State: Lincoln was born in the state of Kentucky, and ran for president in Illinois. III. Educational and Occupational background: Abrahams step mother, Sarah, encouraged Abraham to read. It was while growing into manhood that he received his formal education (an estimated total of 18 months) a few days or weeks at a time. Reading material was in short supply in the Indiana wilderness. Neighbors recalled how Abraham would walk for miles to borrow a book. Occupationally: he was a lawyer and a former representative and president of the United…show more content…
It was a series of battles fought in the Western Theater of the American Civil War throughout north Georgia and the area around Atlanta during summer of 1864. In July, the Confederate president replaced Johnston with the more hostile John Hood, who began challenging the Union Army in a series of damaging frontal assaults. Hood's army was eventually besieged in Atlanta and the city fell in September speeding up the end of the war. J. Battle of Wilderness (1864) – 10. The battle started the ball rolling for the entire wilderness campaign, Grant's entire offensive. It was also the first stand between Grant and Lee. They then became known as the fathers of the wilderness campaign. K. End of the American civil war (1865) – 11. The Confederacy was defeated, slavery was abolished, and the difficult Reconstruction process of restoring unity and guaranteeing rights to the freed slaves began. X. Major Economic Issue(s): A. Morrill tariff: The Morrill Tariff of 1861 was a high protective tariff in the United States, adopted in March of 1861, during the administration of James Buchanan, he was a Democrat. It was a key element of the new Republican Party, and it attracted mostly industrialists and factory workers because it was a rapid industrial growth by limiting competition from lower-wage industries in Europe. It had been opposed by cotton planters, but they had mostly left the United States Congress when it was finally passed B. National bank act (1863) -

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