Abraham Lincoln And A New Birth Of Freedom

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On April 20th I ventured out to Howard University to visit the renowned Founders library. After signing into the guest book in the library, I set out exploring through the book stacks for a book that spiked my interest. After around twenty minutes I laid my eyes on a book titled “Abraham Lincoln and a New Birth of Freedom; The Union and Slavery in the Diplomacy of the Civil War” by Howard Jones. While I have studied the civil war in high school history class, my studies focused more on the actual war and its outcomes, rather than the tension leading to the outbreak of war. The book focused on the role of Abraham Lincoln on civil war diplomacy along with how the events specifically regarding slavery through the 1850’s contributed to the increase of sectionalism and the outbreak of the Civil War. I focused my reading on examining the role of slavery in inciting the civil war. The basic premise behind this discussion was that the nation was split into two parts based on Agriculture and Industrialization. The north relied on getting raw goods from south such that they could create processed goods with their strong industry and manufacturing, while the south focused on producing the raw goods through their slave power and agriculture. However, while the north relied on slavery in the south to produce raw goods, they could also obtain raw goods from other nations and hence their economy was not limited by the south, and most importantly by slavery. On the other hand, the southern
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