Abraham Lincoln And American Exceptionalism

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Abraham Lincoln's actions during his presidency show that America isn’t an Exceptional country. While Abraham Lincoln was president, he struggled with keeping a balance between ethics and politics, therefore his actions always contradicted his moral beliefs. One of the most important aspects of America that Abraham Lincoln wanted to preserve was the peace in our country; his behavior proved that he was willing to do anything to keep it.
Abraham Lincoln helped disprove American exceptionalism by favoring the white race, instead of showing equality, instead he attempts to blend the interests of the government (Zinn); the white race, and slaves. Slavery was never one of Lincoln's top priorities, even though he publically agreed “that slavery was founded on injustice and bad policy”, he did not fight for what was morally correct. When the Fugitive Slave law was passed, Lincoln refused to abolish the law; in his heart he knew that this law was injustice and had sympathy for the slaves, yet no action was taken. The Fugitive law gives any southern slave owner the right to hunt down slaves who had escaped and fled to another state. Instead of completely abolishing slavery, Lincoln's initial solution was to free the slaves, but send them back to Africa; this displayed that Lincoln didn’t rather please the superior race, the whites than allow african-American people the freedom to live in America. Abraham focus was more or becoming president again than being steadfast to his

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