Abraham Lincoln And The Civil War

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The American Civil War was the bloodiest war in American history, and the impact was felt on many levels. Various estimates put the deaths during the Civil War at between 600,000 and 700,000. The last figure is the result of better research of existing death records and casualty lists (Isenhour).

In order to understand the complexity of the Civil War, one must understand Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860 (History 1). He was elected as the 16th president (History 1). After Lincoln was elected, the South was vehemently opposed to him. Lincoln had campaigned on an anti slavery platform, which the South could not accept. The opposition was so extreme that Lincoln had to make the last part of his trip from Springfield Illinois through Baltimore Maryland in disguise because of the anti Lincoln riots in Baltimore.

Several months after Abraham Lincoln was elected, multiple states seceded from the Union. South Carolina secedes, followed by Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas (History 1). South Carolina seceded primarily because of the election of Abraham Lincoln by the Black Republican Party which had campaigned on the elimination of slavery within the United States. This applied to both the states where slavery already had existed and, any future states entering the Union. The right of the states to determine their own destiny was also a significant factor. The rest of the South followed suit with South Carolina, based on the…
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