Abraham Lincoln As The Great Emancipator

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Hollywood v. History. Many believe that films concerning historical events and figures can accurately present the past. How trustworthy are these glamorous depictions of yesteryear? Oftentimes, filmmakers crave the action of past times, but tend to leave out some of the facts. Historical movies will sometimes hide dirty details that would paint the historical aspect in a bad light. As seen in the Lincoln film, directors want to portray Abraham Lincoln as “The Great Emancipator”, a brave, American warrior of civil rights. In reality, Lincoln made mistakes and possessed flaws just like every other American learning about his story. While Lincoln’s story held many bold features, it was also filled with ties to prostitution and slave owning. Some…show more content…
Black youth became restless with the amount of poverty and prejudice that was spread across the United States. The timing of the equality movement can be attribute to the rebelliousness presented by the 50s’ beats. While life was relatively easy for white, middle class families, African-Americans were often found outside of the circle of abundance. Poverty within the inner cities created massive barrier between minorities and white people. After decade of conflict, the battle against racial discrimination would turn out to be one of the “longest and most difficult social struggles of the twentieth century” (Brinkley, pg. 683).
The announcement of the decision of the Brown v. Board case sparked other forms of segregation in the South. Boycotts against buses, restaurants, and other businesses became extremely effective against racial discrimination. The boycott movement was led by Martin Luther King Jr. King’s approach to protest included nonviolent resistance to
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Many believed the fighting to be brutal and meaningless bloodshed. Protests and marches came about across the United States. By the summer of 1967, democrats were pushing an antiwar candidate to run against Johnson. Robert Kennedy eventually became involved in the campaign. The war destroyed the presidency of Lyndon Johnson and the fighting became more and more difficult to justify.
Ultimately, the Vietnam war proved to be a fruitless fight that sent thousands of men and women to their deaths, Beginning as action against communism, the fighting became impossible to support. Americans at home strongly protested the war along with Lyndon Johnson himself, many calling for his removal. Without support from home, the war could no longer be conducted. The war officially ended on April 30,
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