Abraham Lincoln Essay

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Abraham Lincoln sprang to the presidency from extremely humble and tragic roots. His father, Thomas, and his mother, Nancy, were both illiterate. When Abraham was young, he had a sister who died as an infant and a brother who died as a boy. When Abraham was nine years old, his mother tragically died, leaving him in the care of only his father, who, within the year of his wife’s death, remarried a widow, Sarah Bush Johnston. Sarah was extremely kind to Lincoln and encouraged his developing love of reading, giving him three books, a treasure of immeasurable value to a boy who loved to read in a place where books were scarce (nps.gov). Because of the financial state of the family, Lincoln was forced to self-educate, and in 1836, Lincoln had…show more content…
However, in order to do what was best for the American people; Abraham Lincoln often had to swallow his pride in order to make the decision which was best for the American people. Abraham Lincoln often had to swallow his pride and form alliances with his political rivals and even some people he disliked in order to attempt reconstruction. During the civil war, the primarily Republican North and the Democratic South were divided. Lincoln understood that in order to unify the north and the south, he needed something which would bind the two together. First, Lincoln sought the help and support of a Southern democrat, Stephen Douglas, his opponent in both the election he lost, and the election he won. The reason why this is so remarkable is that Lincoln absolutely despised Douglas, thinking of him as a liar and a truth stretcher. Fortunately, Lincoln had won Douglas’ respect during the debates of 1858, and when Lincoln asked, he was more than willing to cooperate by supporting the Union. Unfortunately, due to illness, Douglas died before he could rally significant Southern support to the Union (Donald, pp. 40-41). Secondly, also in an attempt to unify the north and the south, Lincoln nominated the Southern Democrat, Andrew Johnson, as his running mate for the election of 1864. Lincoln nominated Andrew Johnson primarily because he was a Southerner, and felt that, if the Southerners saw him team up with a Southerner; they would be more willing to cooperate.
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