Abraham Lincoln On Leadership By Donald T. Phillips

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Legends never die, they live on to reinforce their purpose and as for Abraham Lincoln his leadership. Leaders aren’t born, they grow and rise. For a leader, it takes experience and perseverance to be characterized for a great one. Served for the United States of America during the 1860’s, Abraham Lincoln was a great example as our sixteenth president, At age six, Abraham Lincoln lost his mother, however later on, he gained a step-mother he called “angel mother”, that helped him become the man he is and his legacy forever to continue. His knowledge and compassion helped him grow to become a great idol for future government leaders. Furthermore, a leader is a person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country. As a result, President Abraham Lincoln was distinguished by different characteristics; courage, creativity,, and integrity. Being a leader means to stands out and enforce the law. Leaders give courage to others by showing they have courage themselves and are confident to be able to speak out when someone has done…show more content…
In Lincoln on Leadership by, Donald T. Phillips, he examines Abraham Lincoln different characteristics when facing different problems. when Abraham was elected president, the U.S. had many problems from the beginning. In doing so, he summoned his new commander in Washington in being an ignorant general. Even though he could have left it alone, Lincoln instead had the courage to write him a letter that is famous today. After the letter, Phillips states, “Lincoln told Hooker exactly what he thought of him (both good and bad) and
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