Abraham Lincoln Once Said, “Life Is Always Going To Be

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Abraham Lincoln once said, “Life is always going to be a bumpy road. Eventually you just learn how to drive on it” (Lincoln). Has an obstacle ever hindered you from attaining a certain goal? This obstacle may have been a physical obstacle or limitation, for instance, maybe you have experienced surgery or severe physical pains at one point or another in your life. Perhaps this obstacle is emotional stability or mental health as well. While you may be reading this essay this very second, an obstacle may be hindering you right now in your life. Regardless of the obstacle’s severity or duration, every individual has an obstacle and learns how to overcome or endure this obstacle, whether they learn right away or over time. A human being may…show more content…
As they grow “steeper and steeper,” they face more challenges along the way. In addition, little did they know that the more they would travel to California, both Tom’s grandparents would die. Steinbeck goes on to say, “And now a light truck approached, and as it came near, the driver saw the turtle and swerved to hit it” (Steinbeck 15). Just as this chapter reveals the turtle’s constant struggle, the subject of the turtle is a direct metaphor for the Joad family, as they are hit with many challenges, such as the Dust Bowl and unemployment, and within these disasters they must discover they need to carry on alongside the many hardships they face. This is how the turtle represents the Joad’s constant diligence in the midst of struggles. Just as this happens, there would be people waiting for the Oklahoma travelers to come across their way, and they would make fun of them, calling them “Okies,” and as this was happening, these people who made fun of them were similar to the driver who swerves to hit the turtle. Regardless, the Joad family must learn to stand firm in the midst of the adversity they face. Steinbeck demonstrates this the best way through his character Jim Casey, and Steinbeck first introduces him by writing, “[Jim Casy] stopped whistling and sang in an easy thin tenor: ‘Yes, sir, that’s my Saviour, Je-sus is my

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