Abraham Lincoln: Organizational Culture and Leadership

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Group Assignment Part I: Organizational Culture ‘Imperial College of Business Studies (ICBS)’ Part II: Leadership ‘Abraham Lincoln’ Introduction This report has been compiled as a group assignment under continuous assessments for BUS 4304 – ‘Organizational Culture and Leadership’, a subject which is followed during the Semester 1 of the 4th Academic Year for the Bachelor’s Degree – Business Administration (Special) offered by the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. As per the guidelines given, this report consists of two parts. Part I discusses the cultural aspects evident in a known business organization, the Imperial College of Business, most popularly referred to as ICBS among the present and past students engaged in the…show more content…
2. Strong and/or Weak Personal Roles within the Culture Analysis of Cultural aspects of Imperial College reflects a culture which is an assortment of strong academic culture. ICBS has a strong culture which almost all the employees across all divisions hold based on the core principles of the organization in achieving the corporate goals. Thus it has enabled to increase the organizational performances over the years even with the high competition existing in the professional education industry in Sri Lanka. The academic culture present at ICBS usually facilitates prize winners who have joined their panel of lecturers and staff to start from the bottom and to climb the ladder by being with the organization throughout, which is confirmed by the evaluation on career paths of the BOD. Typical examples in support of this would be the current Managing Director Mr. Pravinth Rajarathnam and the former Managing Director Mr. Ravi Mahendran. The BOD of ICBS exhibit strong personal roles and have been able to transfer their passion throughout the company. Their beliefs and expectations have produced norms that have powerfully shaped the behavior of individuals and students as professionals. 3. Behaviour Patterns The ICBS Staff is a team of highly dedicated and experienced individuals whose service to current and prospective
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