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Abraham Lincoln was a man who was best known for bold standing against the difficult problems of his day. Issues such as slavery, negro social and political rights, and saving the Union in a nation based on the Declaration of Independence. Lincoln had many strength as well as flaws. He considered himself a common man and was not interested in his ancestry. Lincoln was a self educated man, who had never had a full year of schooling in his life.
But, the 16th President of the United States became "a casualty of conflict".
Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809. He was born to Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks Lincoln. In 1816, the Lincoln's moved from Kentucky to across the Ohio River to Indiana. His father left
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As soon as Lincoln was legally able to leave his fathers house he did.
In March 1832, Lincoln announced himself a candidate for the state legislature. Lincoln was twenty-three and had settled in New Salem, where he was a clerk in a small country store. He was a young man with limited formal education and no government working experience. He campaigned well, but in the end the votes were counted and Lincoln ran eighth out of thirteen candidates. In 1834 he entered his second race for the state legislature.
Lincoln received 1376 votes, placing him the second highest candidate and was elected. In 1840, Lincoln decided not to run for re-election.
In 1842 he married Mary Todd. They were noted as being a remarkable couple.
He was tall, thin, and self-conscious, and she was average height, fashionably overweight, with radiant eyes, and a turned up nose. In 1850s,
Lincoln was the most sought-after attorneys in Illinois. He had the reputation as lawyer's lawyer. He earned the respect of his colleagues. Yet
Lincoln never used the law for personal gain. Lincoln was honest in real life as in legend. He was even know by his enemies a incorruptible.
In 1858 Lincoln attempted to get a seat in the Senate. His opponent was
Stephen Douglas. Douglas and Lincoln rebutted each other speeches, turning into a challenge by Lincoln that was known as the Lincoln Douglas Debates.
Lincoln made his now famous House Divided
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