Abraham Lincoln : The American Civil War

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Abraham Lincoln is often regarded as a resilient individual who triumphed over adversity during one of the most turbulent times in Unites States history: the American Civil War. Traits that are often attributed to him are honesty, charisma, a silver tongue, and a sense of equality. Lincoln achieved notoriety not only with his exceptional delivery of famous speeches, such as the Lincoln-Douglas debates, but also with the lesser known interactions, conversations and daily activities with common people. Taken together, these speeches and activities culminate to reveal key qualities about Lincoln: his virtues. These virtues have assisted in defining who Lincoln is and how he is historically viewed in the eyes of Americans. His virtues include ambition, humor, honesty, fortitude, and morality.
Ambition is a key virtue Abraham Lincoln possessed since he was a young boy. He did not wish to have the simple life of a farmer like his father, Thomas. Lincoln desired for a life greater than what his father could give him. “He could have become a farmer like his father, but he fled from that alternative as fast as his long legs would take him” (Miller 92). Though Lincoln did not succeed at first, such as when he co-owned an ill-fated store or failed to get elected for a seat in the legislature when he ran as a Whig in 1832. Although he was beaten only by a slim margin of votes, failure did not crush his ambition to achieve a finer life. This ambition would pay off and highlight his…
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