Abraham Lincoln : The Greatest Presidents

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Abraham Lincoln is widely known as one of the greatest presidents we have had. He hold this title because he got out country through the civil war. Even though he tried to prevent this war from happening he used everything in his power to bring it to a stop once it had begun. Lincoln had the utmost confidence in the Union and this showed by how America healed from the tragic death he went through. While Lincoln was in office his main priorities was to see this nation flourish and he did everything in his power to see that he did. Though some of his decisions while he was president went against what he believed he always had to best interest in mind for the country. In this paper I will take you through President Abraham Lincoln’s life, before and during presidency, and his tragic death. Within this paper are key reasons why we call Abraham Lincoln the best president we ever had. Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in Harden County Kentucky. He was born to Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks. Thomas Lincoln was a farmer and carpenter who could not read and could barely sign his name. When Abe was 7 he and his family moved to Indiana where they built a small cabin. When Abraham was 9 he lost his mother, and his father soon remarried. Right away Abraham Lincoln and his stepmother got along and bonded together. Lincoln’s childhood was one spent working hard all day and reading at night. When he was about 19 he built a flat boat that he used to carry produce down the…
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