Abraham Lincoln : The President That Held Our Nation Together

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Abraham Lincoln Research Paper

Abraham Lincoln. The president that held our nation together.

Lincoln’s early life. Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, in a log cabin in Hardin County Kentucky, to his parents Thomas Lincoln, and mother Nancy Lincoln. They moved around and eventually settled in the back-woods of Indiana. They lived in a small cabin in the back-country of Indiana. As said by biography.com, “where the family "squatted" on public land to scrap out a living in a crude shelter, hunting game and farming a small plot,” (“Abraham Lincoln biography”). Lincoln worked hard most of his life. A year after his mother’s death (Nancy Lincoln) he grew far apart from his father. His father then married a widow named Sarah Bush Johnston who encouraged Lincoln to read and write. He became very smart and walked long ways to find books to study, because of the short supply in the back-woods of Indiana.

Lincoln entering presidency. When Lincoln was older, as said by History.com, “He moved to the newly named state capital of Springfield,” (“Abraham Lincoln”). Where he learned law and made the name for himself, As stated by History.com, “Honest Abe,” (Abraham Lincoln). Lincoln then moved to New Salem, Illinois. While working around the community at different jobs, like: Shopkeeper, Postmaster and General store owner, Lincoln acquired the social skills and would tell honest stories and made himself popular among the people of the region. People would elect

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