Abraham Lincoln Was Destined For Greatness

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From the moment of his birth, on February 12th, 1809 in Sinking Springs, Illinois, Abraham Lincoln was destined for greatness. Through a series of both positive and negative events, his life was greatly influenced and shaped by his particular beliefs that would eventually deliver him to his election to the United States presidency in 1860. Perhaps Lincoln 's greatest view on a particular belief was that of the issue of slavery. His father, Thomas Lincoln, moved the family from their home in Kentucky to Indiana due to the competition of slavery in the economic sector and some confusion on land ownership boundaries. No doubt, Abraham Lincoln must have taken in his father 's own ideas on anti-slavery as slavery hurt the white man economically. Although, at this time, young Lincoln was not particularly concerned with the morality issue of slavery. Growing up as a young man, Abraham did not have much direct contact with slaves as he lived in the free state of Indiana. However, after helping his parents relocate, on his 22nd birthday, he set out to live his new life away from home. Lincoln soon found a job with one of his friends’ father, taking a flatboat of goods down the Mississippi River to New Orleans to be sold at the market. While en route to New Orleans, Lincoln and his friend were ambushed by a gang of slaves. Lincoln successfully managed to fight off the attackers and keep control of the flatboat. Strangely, this particular incident did not seem to affect Lincoln’s

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